Bucket List Item.

By: Cody Nickson

Growing up hunting in Northeast Ohio, you don't expect to be able to have the chance to shoot a buck out of state. It's not normally a thought that crosses your mind, except when you make some friends in other states that are willing to take the time and give you the best opportunity to succeed at your goal.
This summer while we were all working very hard on launching the Early Seezyn line, I got to talking to Brad about possibly coming down and hunting with him. I was eager and I made it clear that I was not picky about any specific buck. Once I had the opportunity to head down there a mere two days after the season opened I was too excited.
Brad and Cobb had set up a couple spots on this farm that doesn't hold the amount of deer that they are accustomed to in this particular area. However, they were keeping me updated and sending me pictures of the deer in the area. It just so happened Cobb dubbed a specific buck "Clockwork" for this deer showing up every night at the same time. By the time I got settled into the stand on Labor Day, I was ready to pass out. I wasn't feeling the best and after a long couple of days working and filming I was ready to take a snooze. I kept fighting off the sleep knowing that at any moment the situation could get very serious.
Cobb kept sending me texts, "anything?", "have you seen anything?" Obviously, he knew that I was going to get an opportunity at something in the next couple of minutes.
Normally once it gets close to prime time, I go ahead and stand. This is so I do not have to do much moving to get the cameras rolling or my bow off the hook. A couple minutes after standing up, I spot the first buck, then the second. At this point my legs started to go nuts, adrenaline kicked in and I was in kill mode from this point forward. 
Cobb and Brad had let me know that there were a couple of different bucks in this area and that if I was patient enough I was going to get the opportunity to let the arrow fly.
After the first two smaller bucks worked themselves in, I kept peering in the background looking for a bigger deer. After a couple of minutes, boom. There he was, walking down a different trail coming straight to me. I was Treezyn to the gills, even having my face mask pulled over my head. Cobb and Brad had informed me that "Clockwork" had shed a couple of nights before I had arrived but there was a good looking ten pointer in there that was still in full velvet, which happened to be the deer that was walking right towards me.
Treezyn Velvet Buck
After some serious contemplations and the fact that I was from Ohio and never had a chance at a velvet buck, I wasn't going to wait for "Clockwork" to show up. Minutes seemed like hours as this deer was feeding with his hind end directly towards me. I was waiting for him to turn so I could send an arrow his way. After about six minutes or so he finally quartered away hard from me. I settled that pin and let one fly right behind his ribs and all the way into the boiler room. 
Watching him take off with that arrow completely in him, I then knew I had accomplished a goal and was going to be able to cross off the velvet buck item on my bucket list.
Treezyn Velvet Buck
I can't thank Cobb and Brad enough for allowing me to be apart of this Treezyn family and for setting me up on a fantastic buck. It was a dream come true that night.

-Cody Nickson

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