First Whitetail taken in Vixzyn

By: Molly Nordheim

On September 5th, I went on one of my favorite hunts to date! 4 years ago I got introduced to the sport by a sweet man, John Morgen, who is now my husband. Little did I know the outdoors would bring us so many great memories together! 
The evening started with the normal rush out the door to get to the woods on time. I am hesitate to deer hunt in tree stands and always "require" a good tree, a sturdy stand and a life line - our friends refer to these as, a Nordheim Tree! You aren't going anywhere in our sets, haha. This particular stand has been in the same spot for the past few years and is my go to! We have been busted in the past by mature bucks. But this year we wore our early season Treezyn and the deer had no clue we were in there. 
As we got settled in, cameras rolling and arrow nocked, the anticipation was at an all time high! Several possible shooters rolling through, perfect wind... Only to see a doe and a few small bucks. 
8 o'clock was quickly approaching, the sun was beginning to set and I was losing faith! With all of our friends also hunting, and everyone texting and keeping each other updated - a message came across that said, "This is the power hour!" Anything can happen in the blink of an eye. 
I looked down directly under our stand and there he was! The #1 shooter buck! I quickly and quietly I whispered, "Buck, buck, buck." 
I knew he was close and slowly drew back, looked through the top pin and pulled the trigger. The buck jumped, kicked and ran. After watching him run down the hill I turned and immediately asked John Morgen, do you think it was a good shot!? I was confident in my aim, and when I saw the look on his face, I knew, we did it. 
High fives, fist bumps, kisses all around. Pure excitement! I was so happy to not only, been given the opportunity to harvest my first bow buck, but to do it all with my very best friend. 
We pulled out to gather our great friends and family to help track the deer. I'm blessed to have such amazing people in my life who were just as excited as I was! We took about 20 minutes to recover the deer, that ran about 150 yards. 
The coolest moment - grabbing that full velvet 8 point buck. With pictures and videos to follow. The excitement, laughs and memories are irreplaceable! I could not have done it with the support and help from John Morgen and all our friends and family. I can't wait to kick one of my husbands deer out of living to make room for mine - finally!