Looking Good in the Outdoors

by: Matt Moore of Closing the Distance TV.

     I live with two “crazy” people. The first is my wife of 26 years and the second is our 18 year old daughter. They’re both OCD with looking good. Their clothes have to fit perfect, not too loose, not too tight, not too long or not too short. Their clothes have to be the perfect color for the occasion as well.  Plus not to mention the shoes, purse, ear rings and other accessories much match perfectly. But as a husband and father I love that about them. They’re always dressed perfectly for any and all occasions. Daily they receive compliments on their appearance, style, brand and overall look while they represent themselves at work, school, and church and everywhere in between.
         Recently my daughter was being recruited by D1 colleges for track. On one of the official visits a track coach had us in the equipment room. He opened all the cabinets and started pulling out track uniforms, gear bags, shoes and every accessory possible for a track athlete. The equipment room was well organized, fully stocked with every possible Nike track clothing ever designed. My daughter’s eyes were wide open and that track coach had her undivided attention. “I want my track athletes to look good!” “You want to know why?” he said. “If you look good then you’ll feel good and if you feel good you’ll perform well”. “And that makes our University look good and that’s why Nike is a part of our tradition here!” My daughter accepted their scholarship offer. She places a high value on “Looking Good”. And that has always showed up in her athletics as well as academics achievements.
     But as outdoorsman we sometimes miss the mark on “Looking Good in the Outdoors”. We can show up at the local gas station with bloody tailgates, messy truck beds, muddy UTVs and nasty, filthy, smelly cloths. All while in line getting that much needed bags of ice. Yes being Outdoorsmen can be a “dirty” job especially after a successful trip to the river or having to help our friends after opening morning of deer season. Mud, blood and sweaty cloths are defiantly apart of the outdoor lifestyle.
   I’ve been blessed to be a part of the hunting industry for over 20 years. I’ve hunted from Canada to Old Mexico and so many places in between. And I’ve personally seen where missing the mark on “Looking Good in the Outdoors” has left a negative impression on hunters and non-hunters alike. It’s basically just a discouraging reaction you see from someone close by that notices any one in camo being distasteful.
As members of the outdoor community we must all be conscious on our overall appearance. It’s our way of life and we should take pride in “Looking Good in the Outdoors”. The point is to be mindful as we promote our outdoor lifestyle. Always “Look Good” even if you’re in camo or not. Represent the “Outdoor University” as if you’re trying to recruit new athletes. That’s why I’m blessed to be a part of Treezyn. They understand the value of “Looking Good in the Outdoors” in and out of season.      
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