Putting the Spring Puzzle Together.

August 15, 2017

Putting the Spring Puzzle Together.

By: Joe Willis

A lot of hunters call spring turkey season a lot of different things, but I like to call it the Spring Puzzle.
My reason behind this is because there are so many pieces that have to fall into place to be successful during the spring turkey season.
Here are a few tips that just might help you:
Treezyn Dipped Camouflage
1. Camouflage. 
Wild turkey's eyesight is bar none the best in the woods, having the proper pattern for your surroundings is very crucial. Both of Treezyn's current patterns are flawless in whatever situation you put yourself in. Late Season Brown is perfect for hardwoods and forest floors and Early Season is exactly what you need in late spring where the more green foliage is in full bloom.
Where ever you happen to find yourself this spring, Treezyn will give you your proper concealment package, so you don't just blend...you become.
Treezyn Turkey Hunting
2. Know where your birds are hanging out. 
A lot of hunters put tons of time and energy into trying to pattern mature deer during their deer season, so why not do it with your turkey flocks ?
Scouting is a must for success in the turkey woods. Don't take your trail cameras down as soon as deer season is over, keep the up and check them for turkey movement.
Knowing the general area where  a dominant bird is hanging out gives you way better odds.
Treezyn Turkey Hunting
3. Calling. 
Two things you must have to be a successful turkey hunter are, woodmanship & your ability to fool a gobbler with your calling. Both take many many hours of practice. Do not depend on only your calling ability to kill turkeys, no matter how good you are. Always try to be where the turkeys want to go. Try to listen to as many live hens & gobblers as you can and pay attention to what they "say".
Treezyn Late Seezyn
4.  Be Mobile. 
I always try my best to only carry necessities in the turkey woods. You never know what turkey you may have to battle in the woods. Being able to improvise on a moments notice is a must. Mature turkeys do not read your script, they are famous for getting within 100yds or so and hanging up. Do not try to sit there and call him to you. Know your property and try to cut your distance on him, again be where he wants to go.
Sometimes you just have to get up and leave him. Try him again the next day. Do not educate him. He doesn't need your help for that.
Treezyn Turkey Hunting
5.  Checking His Temperature. 
If you are working a bird and he's cutting you off every call or he's cutting the distance every call, stop calling ! He's committed and he's headed to you. If he's doing this he knows where you are and he'll find you. If he wants to play cat and mouse with you, then this is where your patience and knowledge comes in. If a bird is being hard headed then give it right back to him. Remember mature gobblers are very arrogant. They are used to getting their way. And sometimes when they don't, they'll mess up.
Treezyn Gun
6.  Your Weapon of Choice. 
Always know your weapon. Whatever you use to turkey hunt weather shotgun or bow, know its limitations. You owe it to the animal to harvest it as humainly as possible. 
Go out before season starts pattern  the loads you will be hunting with or practice shooting your bow in the same positions as you will while hunting. It's hard enough if everything goes right. Don't add a unproven weapon to the mix.
Treezyn Turkey Hunting
7.  Be a Church Mouse 
If you don't get anything out of these tips please remember this, you will not be a successful turkey hunter unless you are quiet and still. Turkeys have the best eyes and ears in the woods. Do not underestimate their sight and hearing. Remember many turkeys will come in on you without making a sound. As soon as you get set up always think their is a bird close.
These are just a few things I practice to help me put the pieces of the Spring Puzzle together. I hope some of these tips can help you become a more successful turkey hunter.
Welcome to the New Seezyn. 

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