The Journey

by: Mike Pearce, Treezyn Pro-staff

Treezyn, who is this little company? Well to me Treezyn was the Camo company I was looking for. About 4 years ago while I was running Flat Line Archery 

I had a conversation with a gentleman by the name of Jon "Cobb" Sanders, the owner of Treezyn. I told Cobb that his Patterns were something that caught my eye and that I really wanted to be a part of such a intriguing company. At the time Treezyn sponsored 
Flat Line Archery and as a team we wore the first green pattern that came out. This green pattern was unlike anything we had ever seen before. Sure it had its issues, as all company's do when they first start out. The sizing was off from one pant to another, stitching was fair at best, but everyone was willing to deal with it because we fell in love with the pattern and could see the positive changes coming. About 1 year later Cobb asked me if I would be interested in being on the Treezyn Pro Staff, I of course jumped at the chance! I could see that Cobb was very picky in choosing his Team and who he wanted to represent this company so of course we all took this very seriously.  
Right about this same time the LSB 
or Late Season Brown came out and it immediately crashed the outdoor industry party! It was like a pretty woman walking into a room, heads turned!! Fast forward to today, the early 
Seezyn Green is here and Cobb and his design team have out done themselves again!!!! All I can say is this little company and the people that surround it are here to stay. I myself am so proud of this Brand and the movement, not to mention the pattern. I'm looking forward to this ride and what the Treezyn family has to offer!!!!! 
Don't just Blend , Become...
Mike Pearce
Treezyn Pro Staff