Treezyn and Hawaii

By: Paul Maeda

I started hunting at the age of 13 and back then I used to wear army fatigues that were handed down by my family members who were in the military before. I used them as my hunting attire and I thought they were the coolest clothes at the time and I loved wearing them. I would wear it even if I wasn't hunting and I was just out playing in the yard with my cousins. It just made me feel stealthy, strong, or just a plain old bad ass feeling having them on.
As I got older the camo industry had grown bigger from what I've been seeing but here on the islands where there are only a few stores or online websites you could obtain those camo apparel from. So practically everyone here had either the same brand and/or pattern camo because of that. I wanted to be original and honestly I didn't think those patterns did any justice here in Hawaii. Til One day I googled camo clothing and scrolled through a bunch of websites looking for a camo attire that was different from any I've seen here in Hawaii, but at the same time it had to blend in with our terrain here and be compatible with our climate.
Then I came across the name "Treezyn". I don't know how I stumbled upon their name and website, but once I saw the name and pattern I knew I had to get it. I immediately contacted Treezyn through email to see if they could ship out a set of gear to Hawaii and I had a fast response back by the owner Cobb Sanders. He helped me get squared away by making sure I got the correct sizes that would fit me, and picked out the best shipping method that would get those Treezyn clothing to me all the way in Hawaii.
Shortly after I received my Treezyn Gear I got to put it to the test the very next day. I bow hunted on our public rifle hunting grounds here on the island and put the stalk on this Feral Billy and shot him at 20yds on an edge of a cliff. Then a week later stalked a doe to 20yds in field of dried-brown grass and flinged and an arrow through her as well. Treezyn camo was proven right there for me and it didn't just blend me in, it made me become my surroundings.
Sooner or later the word got out here in Hawaii that there was someone wearing a new camo apparel in town. With year-round hunting in Hawaii, I had the locals asking me where I got it from and how they could get there hands on some right away. And that was the beginning of Treezyn for me and Hawaii... Aloha!
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