It's Our Era....

You no longer have to wait because the time has come, it’s here. The evolution of modern day hunting apparel has arrived…TREEZYN!



Treezyn’s state of the art camo is a blend of function and design making sure you maximize your hunt.


Whether you are a hunting enthusiast, hiker or camper. Treezyn offers a new kind of outdoor wear that is comfortable and functional.


Treezyn wear is quickly being carried in stores across the country. Looking for a store near you? Click here. If you don't see a store. Tell them to call us.


Treezyn is a new kind of camo and quickly becoming a powerhouse in the camouflage and outdoor markets.

Treezyn LSB 1/4 zip pullover

Treezyn LSB 1/4 zip pullover

This lightweight poly pullover is sporting the ultimate pattern in camo…. Ours! This pullover can be..


Treezyn Field Jacket

Treezyn Field Jacket

The need for stealth, warmth and maneuverability all collide in this Treezyn LSB jacket. Made from m..


Treezyn LSB Pant

Treezyn LSB Pant

Treezyn LSB 6 pocket cargo pants. YKK zippers along with the pull tabs make getting into your pocket..


Treezyn LSB Cap

Treezyn LSB Cap

TREEZYN hats are available in late seezyn brown. The versatility of the pattern and the need to put ..


Treezyn South Africa

COLLUZION is an Optical Illusion where colours change or adapt as different shades and light fall on an object. The eye will compensate for the colour contrast, depending on the colour cast of the surrounding area. Therefore “becoming” more like the immediate area.

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