Treezyn goes to Impisi

Back at the end of April Mike (Austin) and myself along with Field Staffers Richard Flemming, Lorelei Grace, Chad Miller, and Jason Rupczyk got to spend a few weeks at Impisi Safaris in Limpopo South Africa.
Mike and myself had been planning and preparing our trip for months. It’s something I’ve dreamed of but now it was becoming a reality.  After my 20hr flight from Alabama  we arrived in South Africa!   After a 4hr drive Mike and I finally arrived at Impisis Safaris and hunted the first week before the other guys came in the second week. It’s almost unexplainable how exciting it was to enjoy being in the bush and seeing all the different species of animals every time you sat in the hide. Besides the hunting and the absolute fantastic food we had the opportunity to eat, just to get to spend time with Jan and Anton Teljaard (owners of Impisis Safaris) and also getting to hunt with Steven and Kevin Schwartz of Nkwazi safaris.  I was able to harvest several animals and be with Mike on his Buffalo hunt. The second week the winners of the Treezyn / Impisis giveaway arrived and Johan Smit with HunTech Pro. In total the four winners, Mike and myself  harvested 23 animals and donated more than 3000lbs of meat to the local community.   It was a fantastic time had by all of us. I’m now counting the days until I get to return !!
I highly recommend Impisi Safaris if you are thinking of going to hunt South Africa.

-Joe Willis


Several of these hunts will be featured on HunTech Pro and South African Hunting Journal if you would like to check them out.