South African Hunt Giveaway with Impisi Safaris

No purchase necessary.   For each dollar spent in December an additional entry is given.

Hunt Dates: May 7-13, 2022

Included:  Transportation from the Johannesburg international Airport to Impisi Safaris and back to the airport. 5 days/nights of food & lodging at Impisi Safaris.   Two of the following animals (Warthog, Impala, Bule wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Gemsbok, Waterbuck).  Shipping of horns and hid to the USA.  Hunting with the President of Treezyn.  Professional video of the hunt.  

Not included:  Airfair to and from Johannesburg, SA.  Tips.  Taxidermy.  

Hunt Value:  $6,000.  

Impisi Safaris is one of South Africa’s premier hunting properties, with opportunities to hunt plains game as well as Cape buffalo (one of the Big Five Dangerous Game).  This is truly a once in a lifetime adventure that will afford the winner memories that he/she will cherish forever.