About Us

At the center of who we (Treezyn®) are, is what we believe, it’s why Treezyn® exists.  We believe life in a community is essential for a healthy body, soul, and mind.   At our core we are a community of hunters.  Therefore, Treezyn® seeks to build the hunting community by leading with design and creating the highest quality hunting products.  Specifically, we equip the hunter with highly technical clothing and gear and offer it at an affordable price.   

Over 30 years of studying fractal research, and natural elements has reached a pinnacle, and the result is our camo. Knowing wasn’t enough; application of what we have learned dissecting the woods to create a concealment pattern outside of the industry paradigm was the outcome. We know bigger, bolder, more contrasting elements and textures are crucial to disguising the most recognized silhouette on the planet, a human. Our three-dimensional aspect combined with the digital layout inside the pattern optically breaks up your silhouette as you walk or sit high above in a stand. To put it simply, you don’t become a solid blob at any distance. 

Once our patterns were developed, we then had to build a clothing line around our designs. Everything we do has the hunter in mind, from the patterns themselves to the quality of clothes we put on our backs. Treezyn® was built by and around some of the most skilled and knowledgeable woodsmen/hunters alive, it all just makes sense. 

The unique arrangement of TREEZYN® allows you to become any environment of your choice. Whether it be the early spring and/or fall or the late season hard woods, you can hunt with confidence knowing that you wear the most versatile, silhouette vexing camo pattern available today. Be part of the revolution that is here. With TREEZYN® don’t just blend…become!